To protect and enhance the livability of the area known as the Victoria Hill and Ginger Drive neighborhood;

To provide an open and transparent process through which the residents of the area may involve themselves in the workings of the neighborhood;

To facilitate communication between our neighbourhood and the City of New Westminster – its Council and staff, government agencies and other resident’s associations in New Westminster;

As determined by the community and the Victoria Hill and Ginger Drive Residents’ Association to undertake events, projects and involvements which speak to the furtherance of the purposes stated herein by the Association.

Unlike a strata council or elected officials, the executive committee of the VHGD RA cannot be expected to “fix” the problems, issues, or concerns raised by the Association’s membership. To the greatest extent possible, the VHGD RA shall promote respectful dialogue, the honest exchange of information, and a positive approach to finding solutions that benefit our neighbourhood.