New Westminster 2024 Budget Survey

Help shape the City’s to-do list with the 2024 budget survey.

New West is seeking community input on some key questions from City Council and staff, such as

  • What park improvements do you think we need right now?
  • How you would rank our transportation projects?
  • What are your thoughts on City Council’s new strategic priorities?
  • Plus other questions!

How money is allocated impacts City service levels (eg: recreation programs, library services, waste removal and maintenance, police, fire, etc.), which infrastructure projects move forward, and other decisions that can impact all New West residents. Renters included!

Click here for more information on the Be Heard New West page, and get started with our online survey. You can also participate in a moderated discussion forum on how you think the City should allocate any unexpected funding such as grants.

Those who complete the online survey will be entered to win one of three $50 gift cards to a local business of your choice! The survey deadline is July 3.

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