“No Stopping” Now on East Royal

We have all witnessed the very unsafe traffic conditions created by vehicles stopping on East Royal, often immediately beside the marked crosswalk, creating a potentially deadly blind spot. 

As a result, and in response to requests from the Victoria Hill & Ginger Drive Residents’ Association, the City of New Westminster has re-designated the “No Parking” zone along both sides of East Royal from McBride Blvd. to Ross Drive as a “No Stopping” zone (see new signage). Under the “No Parking” bylaw, vehicles are permitted to stop for “up to 5 minutes”, whereas “No Stopping” means… well, no stopping at all! By-law enforcement will begin issuing tickets.

There is ample off-street retail parking under the tower (see photo), which is where patrons of Victoria Sushi and the Victoria Hill convenience store should park.

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