3 thoughts on “Minutes of the April 11th VHGDRA General Meeting”

  1. Hi, The driving in victorial hill is atrocious. And now someones killed a crow. Yes maybe just a crow, but it represents so much more. Ive been here 6 years and its never improved, they fly around here, they dont stop at cross walks and someones kid or dog is going to get it. There should be speed bumps, Lord knows we pay enough property tax. Why are there no speed bumps yet?? Yes 30km signs were posted and all they do is confirm what we know. People drive too fast and like idiots in here.

    1. The topic of speed humps has been raised at numerous VHGDRA meetings in the past three years. The RA has, on two or three occasions, sent a package of recommendations to the City of New Westminster (CNW) regarding traffic safety measures and speed humps were recommended each time as a solution. The CNW has advised the VHGDRA that there is now a process for citizens to use to request speed humps. As part of the process, a survey of the neighbourhood is required.

      We have asked for resident volunteers to form a committee to pursue the new CNW policy process (see link), but so far, no residents have offered to be involved. We can put it on the agenda for our June 13 general meeting, but it would be best to do so only if there are 2-3 residents willing to engage with the CNW process.

      Thanks for your comments and concern.

      All the best,

      Karl Moser
      President, VHGDRA


      1. Says i have to submit a speeding concern and pay 100 dollars. Lol. Ugh… thanks for your reply.

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