VHGDRA Requests CNW to prevent rat-running

The following motion was passed unanimously at the October 14 AGM:

Whereas the closure of the Port Mann Bridge on two occasions this Fall (Sept. 17 and Sept. 27) resulted in numerous drivers using East Royal and Ross Drive to access McBride Boulevard via the left-turn light at Memorial Drive,

And whereas the resulting traffic congestion, including a semi-trailer truck (see photos) put residents at risk as first-responders would have faced great difficulty accessing a building in an emergency,

And whereas there is currently no mechanism, such as a “No Through Traffic” or “Local Traffic Only” designation, police or by-law enforcement cannot redirect or ticket drivers who are “rat-running” through the neighbourhood,

Moved that the VHGDRA request the City of New Westminster take steps to enforce a “no through traffic”  or “local traffic only” designation in Victoria Hill.

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