Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project Update

At the Oct. 14 AGM of the VHGDRA, the PBRP team presented the following information:

  • Map was presented showing changes to intersection at McBride and East Columbia. Sharp corner will be widened, requiring relocation of some of the Woodlands Heritage Wall. A new public plaza park space will be built closer to the mature trees. The intersection will have full light, so no more dedicated right-turn only lane, making crosswalk much safer. Crosswalk will have bike lane and separate pedestrian lane. Construction in mid-2022.
  • New on-ramp to bridge from westbound lane of Columbia Street will be open 24/7 (no 3:30-6:00 closure as at present).
  • PBRP will send slides from tonight for us to post.
  • Area around Leopold Place to be used for materials storage and worker parking.
  • Closure of Front Street and other roads will be carefully managed by traffic control.
  • Pile-Driving might be extended to include Sundays from 10-4, but not statutory holidays. Public comment will be sought before Sunday is added. Increased schedule of pile-driving will hopefully mean completion by February of 2022. Pile-driving must cease from Feb-June to protect salmon.
  • Pile-driving for main pier in the river approx. 50% complete!
  • For land-based piles, a pumping and drilling technique will be employed, reducing the impact of pile-driving.
  • Hoping to have PBRP updates at all future VHGDRA general meetings

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