New West Thank-a-thon 2020: Say Thanks Tomorrow!

The City is launching a Community Gratitude Challenge, Thank-a-thon 2020, for the week leading up to Thanksgiving, starting tomorrow, October 3rd.

Generating gratitude is a good way to do something good for the community while raising awareness for the ongoing impacts of the Pandemic. Thank-a-thon 2020 will also raise funds for the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation COVID-19 relief fund and the New West Chamber’s pandemic recovery efforts. In addition, there will be a social media contest with various prizes, a silent auction, collector masks and tickets to a virtual gala!

In these uncertain times, many people are feeling anxious and worried and gratitude is a powerful antidote for those feelings. Although the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on our society are painful, there are still many things to be grateful for.

Thank-a-thon 2020 aims to generate a tidal wave of thank posts directed to either your favorite local small business, health care workers, or community members who have stepped up in the time of crisis. 

Please help us spread the word by sharing a thank you post on social media on or before October 3rd, and then direct people to the website and encourage them to do the same.

Below is some information about the challenge with more specific details as well as other ways to participate.

We believe that with your help, we can help people focus on what they have instead of what they have lost.


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