Fortis Announces New Gas Line Replacement Project

Last year, Fortis made a presentation to the VHGDRA requesting comment re. the replacement of the gas line from Surrey to New West currently attached to the Pattullo Bridge. The new Pattullo Bridge ‘s design criteria would not permit a gas line to be included in the new structure. The discussion last year centred on whether to assemble a new gas line on the Surrey side of the river to be drawn under the riverbed to New West or to assemble the new gas line on the New West side of the river to be drawn under the riverbed to Surrey. Had the New West side been chosen, it would have required closing two lanes of McBride Avenue between Royal and 6th Avenue for about 6 months!

The good news for VHGDRA residents is that this new announcement by Fortis proposes another plan, NOT requiring the work to occur on McBride, with a new gas line being built exclusively in Burnaby. For details, please view the link attached.

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