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Royal City Recycling Champions Program

The Royal City Recycling Champions program, sponsored by the city of New Westminster and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), will be conducted this fall by Master Recycler, Metro Vancouver of the Waste Committee of SPEC.

Program Description

The Royal City Recycling Champions program is an adult education program on waste prevention and reduction. The goal of the program is to connect like-minded multi-family building members and train them to help others in their communities on topics around waste, and how to make less of it. The program is based on the content of the popular Master Recycler Vancouver program and facilitated by the same team.

Becoming a Champion means knowing how to find the best information, and working within your community to build skills and resources to help everyone succeed.

The program consists of four classes followed by mentored hours of public outreach. We want to help the participant reduce waste, and share the knowledge acquired during the program. Facilitators will provide two hours of mentorship per participant towards 20 hours of community action.

Class Titles – More details on EventBrite Registration (Password: recycle)

Class 1: New Westminster’s Waste System
Class 2: It’s All About Materials, Not Waste
Class 3: Back to the Future: The Local Circular Economy
Class 4: Your Turn Now: Community Engagement

Field Trip to a Waste Processing Facility

Details TBA. Waste facilities are a special treat and often very high impact!

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