Unfinished Construction

At the May 2nd General Meeting, members asked the RA to look into two unfinished areas of work on open sidewalk repairs. The first is at the corner of Francis Way and East Royal Drive:

The second is at the corner of Ross Drive and East Royal:

Here is the information we received from the City of New Westminster Engineering Department:

The first two pictures are related to the offsite civil works as part of the 26 E. Avenue Land Development project. This project has not yet been awarded Substantial Completion and is considered to be in ‘Active Construction’ status. The pictures identify works which are related to the raising of streets light poles and locating/exposing a buried manhole. That said, Onni and their contractors will be returning to the site periodically to complete outstanding deficiencies.

The last two pictures are related to work performed by Metro Vancouver. I do not have any details on what kind of work had taken place here, nor does anyone else at City Hall whom I have spoken too. That said, I have sent an email over to Metro Vancouver’s Operations and Maintenance Program Manager requesting that the boulevard be repaired at their earliest opportunity.

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